The Lions compete in the GFSN National League and Cup, as well as organising multiple friendlies throughout the season to develop up and coming players. There are also 5-a-side tournaments that take place across the country, as well as international friendlies and competitions.

Season 2019/20

All fixtures subject to change

Date Time Opposition League Location Score
Sun 18th Aug 16:00 Wollaton Wanderers Friendly Home  1 – 5 L
Thu 5th Sept 20:00 Leicester Wildecats Friendly Home  5 – 2 W
Sat 7th Sept ALL DAY Leicester Tournament 6 a side Away Semi final
Sun 15th Sep 14:00 Mersey Marauders GFSN Away  4 – 0 W
Sun 6th Oct 14:00 HBD Magpies Friendly Home  2 – 8 L
Sat 19th Oct 14:00 Exeter GFSN Cup Home  24 – 0 W
Sat 26th Oct 14:00 Cardiff Dragons Friendly Away  3 – 1 W
Sun 3rd Nov 13:00 Left Footers GFSN Home  9 – 0 W
Sat 16th Nov 14:00 East End Phoenix GFSN Home  4 – 4 D
Sat 23rd Nov 14:00 Saltire Thistle GFSN Cup Away  4 – 5 L
Sun 8th Dec TBC Charlton Invicta GFSN AWAY  5 – 3 W
Sun 22nd Dec Charity Match Home  
Sat 11th Jan 14:00 Village Manchester GFSN Home 12 – 0
Sun 2nd Feb 14:00 Mersey Marauders FRIENDLY Home
Sat 15th Feb TBD Edinburgh Hotscots GFSN Away
Sun 23rd Feb 10:00 Football vs Homophobia tournament Home
Sat 29th Feb 14:00 Leicester Wildcats FRIENDLY Away
Sat 14th Mar TBC TBD GFSN QF Playoffs
Sat 28th Mar All day Yorkshire Tournament Away
Sat 4th Apr TBC TBD GFSN QF Playoffs
Sat 25th Apr TBC TBD GFSN SF Playoffs
Sat 9th May TBC TBD GFSN SF Playoffs
Sat 30th May TBC TBD GFSN Finals