This second round GFSN National Cup match saw the Lions pitted against Brighton BLAGSS, who made the journey north in appalling conditions. The Lions started off strongly, keeping the ball on the floor as they pushed forward against their opponents and the wind. Within the first 10 minutes, the ball was placed through to Asher D who ran with the ball up to the left-hand side of the opposition’s 6 yard box. This could have easily gone out for a goal kick but Asher kept this in and showed off great footwork to beat the keeper at the left post, providing a 1-0 scoreline. However, a few minutes later Brighton BLAGSS were pressing the Lions, who were now struggling to defend against both the opposition and the weather, with Brighton coming away with a goal for their troubles, equalising at 1-1. The Lions continued to push, placing dangerous balls in the opposition’s half, finally coming away with a goal which saw a ball placed into the 18-yard box, finding Simon J who skilfully headed it onto Craig J to find the back of the BLAGSS’ net, pulling ahead to a 2-1 lead. Although the scoreline was in favour of the Lions, playing in windy conditions proved difficult, with balls flying in all directions from clearances at the back. Sport is all about adaptation, and the Lions’ proved their adaptation skills  by keeping the ball on the floor and playing to feet. This play proved effective with a final goal of the half coming from the Lions’ player Robbie J, heading a cross from left wing into the goal. the first half closed 3-1 to the Lions, but the game was still all to play for.

With the wind blowing in the Lions’ favour, they looked to take advantage of a comfortable scoreline by holding a high line. The Lions continued to play intercepting football by finding Robbie J who made a skilful run to beat the backline and find the bottom corner of the goal, making the scoreline 4-1. Damian S steps up to take the free kick, looking to find the goal 25 yards out as he does so reliably. The ball comes off the post towards Sean M, who calmly brings the ball down from his chest and crosses back into the box, finding the head of Simon J, claiming another heading goal for the Lions to make it 5-1. With the second half coming to a close and with it the match, both teams looked to press hard, resulting in a well-worked shot from the Brighton BLAGSS, forcing Lions’ keeper Andrew P to make an outstanding save, unfortunately it was a Brighton player finding the ball first to bring the final scoreline to 5-2 in favour of the Lions.

While the conditions were difficult, the Lions proved their adaptability and ability to work together as a cohesive unit. All players on the pitch put everything into that performance, understanding their roles clearly from clever runs by the forward lines to essential pick ups by the keeper. It was a match where the Lions took their chances both clinically and effectively and came away with a well deserved win. Thanks to the Brighton BLAGSS for braving the tricky weather conditions to make the journey to the Midlands and thank you to the loyal supporters for holding out in the blustery conditions.

The Lions are now through to the quarter final of the GFSN cup which will be played on 24th November in Glasgow, details to be confirmed in the following days.

Their next league game will be against the Mersey Marauders away in Liverpool on the 28th October in the MUL. Details of this and all future matches can be found on the Fixtures page of this website.

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