The game started slightly later than scheduled due to issues on the M1 for the away team, the pitch was grass with slight damp conditions (a defenders dream of a perfect pitch). The Lions started strongly in defence, however the Titans won a corner within the first 20 minutes of the game. The ball came in, bounced out to a Titans player who took a shot, finding one of the Lions’ player’s arms on the line. The penalty was converted, making it 1-0 to the away team. However, heads didn’t go down for the Lions, continuing to pressure the opposition until the Lions equalised with a great goal from Chris L, striking from the right-hand side of the 18 yard box into the bottom corner, making the score 1-1. Here, the half came to an end, the Lions optimistic going into the second half.

The first 15 mins of the second half saw Titans dominate, leading to them taking a 2-1 advantage. After that came vital saves from Andrew P and the team continued to stay positive and apply pressure. Sean M carried the ball up the right wing, playing it into the box, allowing Chris L and Mario P to play some great passing football for Mario P to find the bottom left corner from the edge of the 18 yard box, making the score line 2-2. Shortly after that Chris L was fouled on the right side of the 18 yard box and a free kick was awarded to the Lions. Damian S walks up to take the kick and places the ball right above the keeper, just dipping below the crossbar to make it 3-2 to the Lions. Again, the Lions pressured the opposition and next came an amazing attempt on goal from Sean M, dribbling past 3 players, managing to smash the ball on target but the away keeper pulls off a great save denying the Lions a fourth. The Titans hadn’t given up, and on the counter attack got the ball forward to one of their players and headed the ball into the back of the net however this was called as offside. The Lions went on to score a fourth where Joshua N placed the ball onto Sean M’s head to flick on to Ian R in the right place to catch the ball on the fly making the final score 4-2 to the Lions.

A proud performance from the whole team with the right attitude and commitment throughout. A big thank you to everyone that helped yesterday from the officials to the supporters for willing the team on.

We are due to take on Brighton BLAGSSĀ at home in October in our next cup game.

Next week, we take on Edinburgh Hotscots at home in the GFSN league at 15:00.

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